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Museum of Ice Cream More Enduring than the Marciano

It's looking more and more like the Marciano Art Foundation's closure may be permanent. The MAF opened May 5, 2017 and closed Nov. 6, 2019, a run of 30 months. In comparison New York's ill-fated Gallery of Modern Art, founded by supermarket heir Huntington Hartford, lasted 5 years (1964-1969). The only real parallels to the MAF's longevity are so-called pop-up museums. The San Francisco venue of the Museum of Ice Cream opened Sep. 2017 and is still in operation, a run of 26 months. If the latter stays open through March 2020, while the Marciano remains closed, an actual pop-up museum will have been around longer than the MAF.

In Sep. 2018 a Museum of Ice Cream spokesperson said the San Francisco attraction "will continue to keep its doors open indefinitely, due to the extremely favorable public reception."

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