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Second Museum Closure in Two Days: MOCA PDC

The L.A. Times says MOCA is shutting down its Pacific Design Center outpost (after Feb. 24). It follows the closure of downtown's Main Museum, announced yesterday, and last year's closing of the Pasadena Museum of California Art. As with the Main Museum, no one at MOCA or PDC is saying much for the record, "citing their contractual agreement."

MOCA PDC presented many impressive shows over past 20 years. But I can't say that any benefited much from the building. Meanwhile, much of the time the Geffen (which everybody loves) was closed. It might have made more sense to program the Geffen more fully rather than to have a West Hollywood branch. In fact, the only reason I can think of for MOCA PDC to exist is the obsolete notion that the art audience is on the Westside and Westsiders don't like to go downtown. That's of a piece with MOCA holding its board meetings at a Beverly Hills hotel rather than the downtown museum. The board meetings changed; and if MOC…

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