"Poussin and the Dance" on Getty Schedule

Nicholas Poussin, A Dance to the Music of Time, about 1635. Wallace Collection, London
There's no word when the Getty Museum will reopen, but so far no upcoming exhibitions have been removed from the schedule. Shows on Mesopotamia and Dora Maar that, pre-lockdown, were to have been open by now, are identified as postponed, as are planned shows on William Blake, Imogen Cunningham, Rubens, and Cy Twombly. Further out is "Poussin and the Dance," a loan exhibition of paintings and drawings curated by Emily Beeny. It's penciled in for summer 2021. 
Willem de Kooning, Woman-Ochre, 1955 (before conservation)
Also in the works is the post-conservation debut of Willem de Kooning's Woman-Ochre. That's the University of Arizona Museum de Kooning that was stolen, recovered 32 years later, and sent to the Getty for restoration. It's currently set for Sep. 22, 2020 to Mar. 28, 2021. 
Judy Baca, Hitting the Wall, 1984
"Lost Murals : Renaissance Rome to L.A.," planned for spring 2021, will connect 16th century Roman outdoor murals (which almost never survive) to contemporary examples, notably Judy Baca's Hitting the Wall, created for the 1984 Olympics on the 110 freeway.