LACMA to Host "Afro-Atlantic Histories"

Aaron Douglas, Into Bondage, 1936. National Gallery of Art, Corcoran Collection. (c) Heirs of Aaron Douglas 

LACMA has been announced as a venue for "Afro-Atlantic Histories," the traveling show on the slave trade as addressed in art, Renaissance to contemporary. Originally organized by the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo, Brazil, it appeared in somewhat different form at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the National Gallery of Art. It will run in LACMA's Resnick Pavilion Dec. 11, 2022 through Sep. 10, 2023, and will then travel to the Dallas Museum of Art.

Holland Cotter called the Sao Paolo exhibition "piece for piece one of the most enthralling shows I’ve seen in years, with one visual detonation after another."


Anonymous said…
According to the Art Newspaper, LACMA is scheduled to host a traveling Ed Ruscha exhibition in April 2024. Hopefully the new building is open by then.
Anonymous said…
New LACMA building will not be open by April 2024. There will always be delays.
Anonymous 1: Thanks, will so post. (Wouldn't bet on the 2024 opening)
I saw the show in DC. It blew my mind.
Unmissable for all Americans, in my opinion.