Huntington Was L.A.'s Most Attended Art Museum

Boone Gallery, The Huntington, San Marino 

In a first, the Huntington has become the most-visited art museum in greater LA, according to 2022 figures compiled by The Art Newspaper. Most museums in L.A. and elsewhere are struggling to recover their pre-pandemic visitor numbers. Huntington attendance is up, enough to rank #49 among the world's art institutions, with 1.04 million visitors. That topped the Getty Center (#54), LACMA (#62), and the Broad (#93).

The Huntington's outdoor component, including the popular Chinese garden (completed Oct. 2020), helped maintain attendance during the pandemic. On the other hand, the Huntington is one of the most expensive area museums, costing up to $29 on weekends.


Anonymous said…
Whoa. Paris, Florida (or is that Orlando, France?) blows out the other cities of the world.

Getting lost in (and taking forever to circumnavigate) Louvre World is easy enough. In turn, Louvre World is lost among all the other French amusement parks of arts and culture.

As I scroll through this, it makes me think of artistic styles closer to the format of what will be in a Lucas museum compared with a Broad, Hammer or MOCA. In other words, "treacle" may be more of a crowd pleaser than the hip and au courant necessarily are.
Anonymous said…
@Anonymous Dude what the hell are you talking about? You literally post the same comment under every post. What does “Lourve World” have to do with the Huntington?
Anonymous said…
The attendance list used to rank the Huntington was based on head counts tallied by major museums throughout the *world.* All from a survey in The Art Newspaper. The number of museums and attendance figures in Paris were so far beyond any other city, it made the museums in the LA area, including the Huntington, come off like [insert sound of crickets chirping at night].

Got it?