For Sale: Storage-Container Basquiats, Cheap!

Those looking for unique holiday gifts might consider the Luna Luna shop. The 1980s artist-designed amusement park is being revived in downtown Los Angeles sometime this month. The Luna Luna website has a shop selling vintage (1987) posters and T-shirts designed by artists such as Georg Baselitz, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Kenny Scharf, and Jean Tinguely. As the website explains, these items were found in one of the Luna Luna shipping containers as part of "a lot of archival merchandise unseen for nearly three decades." The posters may have some "yellowing and localized staining on verso."

One rarity is a poster of moon imagery by all 33 of the participating artists. It ranges from $225 to $675 depending on size and condition—not bad for a collaborative work on paper by DalĂ­, Basquiat, Hockney, et al. What better gift for a hard-to-please art fan than a storage-container Basquiat (that's legit?!)?