Getty Raises Parking to $15

Effective July 1, both Getty Museum sites are raising their parking fees from $10 to $15, for reasons not hard to fathom. As the Los Angeles Times notes, that's nearly double the $8 that was charged as recently as last summer.
Explaining why he founded his own museum, J. Paul Getty wrote,

It was my intent that the collections should be completely open to the public, free of all charges—be they for admission or even for parking automobiles. Nothing of this sort could be insured if the museum were under the control of a city, state—or even the Federal—government.


AK said…
This is sad to me. The Getty Trust has built a beautiful museum in The Getty Center but it seems that J. Paul Getty's mission is being disregarded. A temporary fee hike is understandable considering conditions but it would be nice if the goal was temporary. The $15 charge really does present a barrier for some people from being able to enjoy the collections. Especially for far flung museums without easy access from public transporation or free parking.