Quote of the Day: Ann Philbin

"One of my biggest concerns, besides my staff, is the community of artists that we live with, and artists in general. Because the truth is, in some ways, they’re the first to be 'furloughed,' so to speak. They lost their infrastructure of support immediately, whether they were young emerging artists that depended on small art spaces or performance fees or small galleries. I mean, all of the galleries, the museums—everything that artists need to survive—have basically been shut down and stalled.

"The gallery system will not come back as it was. We don’t know how we’ll all come back. But it’s truly one of the biggest concerns I have. And as we all know, artists are going to probably be the first ones to articulate how we’re gonna return to life, in a certain kind of way. And they will be the ones we follow. But right now, they’re in a very bad state. And at some point when we all save our institutions and our staffs, I think that’s something that we need to start looking at: how can we help the artists?"

—Ann Philbin on the Getty's Art+Ideas podcast, "Museum Directors on COVID-19 and Its Impact on Museums"
 (Top of post: Adrian Piper's Everything #21, 2010-13)


Anonymous said…
At least LACMA, even if it were still accesible to the public (artists and creative types included), has been maintained in stable, working, upright, ethical order.

That's quite reassuring in this age of Covid-19.
Anonymous said…
One small way to help artists is to buy the books they create. Most don't cost much.

Many of them are published by Karma Bookstore: