LACMA Adds a Gabriella Sanchez

LACMA has acquired Gabriella Sanchez's Down Is Up (2020). Pasadena-born Sanchez draws on a background in commercial art to create political, wordplay-inflected work (she cites Sister Corita Kent and John Baldessari among her influences). Down Is Up is planned to debut at LACMA in a post-lockdown show of new acquisitions. 

Click to hear new Lucas Museum chief curator Pilar Tompkins Rivas talk about Sanchez's commission for 2020 Frieze LA.


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^^^Pissy-pants Joe keeps blathering, but no one cares.

... Govan has outsmarted the Save-LACMA mob at every turn.

Game (long) over!!!
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> Pissy-pants Joe keeps blathering, but no one cares.

"Let them eat cake."
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> According to a recent survey...only a shocking
> five percent of 2,750 people polled want the
> Zumthor design.

> no less than the co-chair of the museum board,
> Elaine Wynn, said at a recent reception in Las
> Vegas that no amount of possible
> argument — will dissuade the board from
> proceeding with the project.

Talk about greed, privilege (white or otherwise), arrogance, self-entitlement and a galling lack of integrity.

Govan and his toadies, noses fully upturned: "Let them eat cake."

> Wynn was transposing her regal prerogative to
Wilshire, as though LACMA were one of her glitzy casinos, where art is a sideshow she runs: the facts evidently flew right over her hairdo.
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Building Project: July 17 Update
July 17, 2020
The following work will be conducted next week:

Additional abatement in the Ahmanson Building will continue.
Structural demolition of the Art of Americas and Hammer Buildings will continue.
Asphalt paving at the Spaulding Lot was removed.
Grading of the Spaulding Lot will begin.
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Any update on the gallery plans for the Zumthor building?