Holiday Hiatus

George Rodriguez, Los Angeles, 1990s (negative) 2021 (print). J. Paul Getty Museum. (c) George Rodriguez

Posting will be light through the New Year. In the mean time, here are the most viewed posts of 2022.

Diane Arbus "Baby" is Anderson Cooper

Heizer "City" Tickets Will Cost $150

John Waters Mega-Show Planned for Academy Museum

The Photo That Outed Cy Twombly

Getty Adds James Van Der Zee. Joan E. Biren, George Rodriguez

MOCA to Show "Most Racist Statue in America"

The Cheech Opens

A Segantini Sparks a Frame War

LACMA Baby Jesus Looks Like Mark Zuckerberg

Huntington Tops Crystal Bridges with 2021 Acquisitions

The Zuckerberg Jesus, Quito school, about 1700–1750 (as shown in LACMA's "Archive of the World: Art and Imagination in Spanish America, 1500–1800")


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