Hammer Announces "Made in L.A. 2023" Artists

Pippa Garner, Tongue-Texting, n.d.

The Hammer Museum has announced the artists for "Made in L.A. 2023: Acts of Living" (Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2023). Diana Nawi and Pablo José Ramirez curate. Here are some media images of included artists.

Vincent Enrique Hernandez, Car Portrait, 2023
Erica Mahinay, Sun Seeker, 2021
Joey Terrill, My Last Day in New York, Fire Island-1981, 2015
Guadalupe Rosales, Dreaming Casually, 2022
Victor Estrada, Big Rock Candy Mountain, 2017
Melissa Cody, untitled, 2022


Anonymous said…
Some of the Whitney Biennials, which "Made in LA' is a bit patterned after, have so overly focused on cultural-political messaging instead of skill, talent and aesthetics, that I'm never quite sure if such exhibits are going to be about as welcome as a high-school pop quiz or as satisfying as a McDonald's hamburger.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
^^^ Hey, aren't you the anti-Save-the-LACMA-mob/anti-MAGA person?

If so, how 'ya doing?

Incidentally, LACMA should do the compassionate thing and once their concrete overpass is completed, create a homeless shelter under it. That may help the folks a few miles west of the museum's reasonably budgeted rebuilding project.

Anonymous said…
MADE IN LA, again, VERY predictable, lame, safe, and serving ONLY the interest of the curators and the few sexy and privileged (some of that so called “underrepresented”) artists and their commercial galleries. Mostly mediocre, still commercial art, for the LA "art world" bubble and their interests. Waste of big budgets on privileged few to pretend different and to build on the power