Reynolds' "Mai" to Be Shown in L.A. in 2026

It's official: Joshua Reynolds' Portrait of Mai has been saved for the planet. The National Portrait Gallery, London, has raised its half of the record £50 million purchase price, clearing the way for its joint purchase with the Getty Museum. The portrait will debut at the NPG when it reopens after renovations this June. It will first appear in Los Angeles in 2026 and will remain on view through the Olympics in 2028.

It had been speculated that each institution would show the painting for five-year terms. The press release does not address the scheduling, but the above dates imply initial 3-year terms.


Anonymous said…
What waste of money! $30 million for a painting you don't even fully own? Are there no other paintings available for that amount that are also worthy of public display at the Getty?
Anonymous said…
What a bargain for the Getty!

Had Potrait of Mai been given an export license and exported freely the price would have soared!

The Qataris, Emiratis, Saudis and all the Uber wealthy of the planet would have bid.

Congratulations to the Getty on picking up one of the worlds greatest paintings for a song!

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