June Harwood Gets a Traveling Show

June Harwood, untitled (Loop Series), 1966. Pomona College Collection. Gift of the June Harwood Charitable Trust

Pomona College's Benton Museum of Art is organizing the first museum survey of L.A. Hard-Edge painter June Harwood (1933-2015). "June Harwood: Paintings" will appear at the Benton Aug. 23, 2023, to Jan. 7., 2024, and travel to several venues, starting with Utah State University's Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art.

Harwood was married to critic Jules Langser, who coined the term "Hard-Edge" painting, yet she was long in the shadow of her male contemporaries. The Benton exhibition will include a group of paintings donated to Pomona College by the artist's trust.


Anonymous said…
People like Van Leo in Cairo and June Harwood in LA remind me how much hidden or minimally publicized talent exists out there in the big world.

When the gatekeepers of a society, in its media, cultural institutions, political entities and economic establishments, are judging what's good or not, or who or what rises to the top or not (and where the value of meritocracy is easily twisted and distorted), it's one gigantic crapshoot.

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