Southwest Museum Is Down the Memory Hole

Southwest Museum staircase. Photo: Esotouric

Esotouric reports that the Southwest Museum has been removed from the Autry website and even from Google Maps. As recently as last September, the Autry spoke of a tentative agreement for an unnamed party to take over the Southwest Museum. Apparently nothing has come of that. A modest program of exhibitions at the Southwest site was discontinued last year.  

My search for "Southwest Museum" on Google Maps took me to the Southwest Museum Metro station. Zooming in revealed labels for the "Aubrey Southwest Museum" (typo for "Autry," I guess) and Southwest Museum ("Permanently closed"). The latter is more definitive statement than the Autry has issued. Also shown is the "Southwest Museum's Casa de Abobe," another historic building whose fate is to be determined.

Google Maps view, July 3, 2023


Sad news.
I'm all-in with nautilus staircases.
The new one at the Vatican is charming.
The ones at La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona are eye-popping.
There's a fine one in your section, or at least nearby...