AI and the Mystery of Life

Allison Human, The Mystery of Life, 2024

The Forest Lawn Museum will open a group show of Filipino-American art next month. Among the works is muralist and street artist Allison Hueman's The Mystery of Life, an AI-assisted painting inspired by Ernesto Gazzeri's 1928 marble sculpture at Forest Lawn. Gazzeri's metaphysical monument, sometimes regarded in the context of camp taste, features in a 1964 Garry Winogrand photograph.

Hueman's digital photo of Ernesto Gazzeri's The Mystery of Life

Hueman replaced Gazzeri's figures with Filipinos and turned to AI to simulate traditional Philippine costumes. The result was an "all around mess of what a robot thinks Filipinos look like. And funny enough, the weird AI mashup of images actually felt familiar to me, like it was showing me how I view my own identity as an American-born Filipino…just overall kind of blurry and trying to make sense of it all. "

Detail of Hueman's The Mystery of Life

"Filipino California: Art and the Filipino Diaspora" runs Apr. 20–Sep. 8, 2024 at the Forest Lawn Museum, Glendale.

Garry Winogrand, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles, 1964. Museum of Modern Art


“Only God can make a tree. True enough, but I’d like to see him paint one.”
- Maxfield Parrish
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