Jenny Saville, Blue Pieta, 2018. The Broad
With most museums shut down for the duration, posting will be light. Stay well.


Anonymous said…
I am glad that you still will be posting, even if on a lighter basis. Take good care of yourself, too.
Anonymous said…
I'm trying to figure out why Saville's excellent piece depicts a child with 4 arms? Or is the guy holding two children, with the one in the rear tucked mainly out of view? But "Pieta" would refer to one adult, one offspring.

Saville's artwork showing three views of an obese woman has been the main canvas of hers on display at the Broad for several years. Don't believe her "Blue Pieta" hangs next to it, but I could be wrong.

Just as some synergy was developing on both sides of Grand Avenue - with the Broad and MOCA - a miserable, sea-change pandemic hits the nation and world. Only good thing that can come out of that, at least in terms of local culture, is if it forces some sanity and humility to return to 5905 Wilshire Blvd.