Quote of the Day: James Hyslop

"T. rex is a brand name in a way that no other dinosaur is. It sits very naturally against a Picasso, a Jeff Koons, or an Andy Warhol."

—James Hyslop, head of Christie's science and natural history department, on the auction of Tyrannosaurus skeleton "Stan"

(via @CultureGrrl)

(Shown, Koons' Split Rocker, 2000. Photo: Iwan Baan)


Anonymous said…
The value of a Koons has been propped up by collectors like Eli Broad.

What has propped up the value of a T.rex? So far, it's been young boys with a penchant for dinosaur toys.

Strangely, the elite now seem to want in on the game. Before the T.rex came to auction, collectors had already shown a fondness for Kusaka's dinosaur pots and figurines. (Kusaka is married to Jonas Wood.)