LACMA Adds "Miss Forest"

Yoshitomo Nara, Miss Forest (LACMA Version), 2020. Art (c) Yoshitomo Nara. Photo (c) Museum Associates/LACMA

LACMA has made several high-profile acquisitions lately. The latest is Yoshitomo Nara's Miss Forest, a work in the yet-unopened Nara exhibition that has been installed on Wilshire near Urban Light. It was purchased with funds from an anonymous donor.

Miss Forest (LACMA Version) is the largest of a series of sculptures inspired by Japan's 2011 earthquake and the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. At 25+ feet tall—higher than the ceilings in BCAM—the Yara will evidently be a component of the outdoor sculpture program planned for the campus around the Peter Zumthor building. 


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