Benton Museum Mixes Up the Collection

Fred Tomaselli, Bloom (March 12), 2017. Benton Museum of Art, Pomona College
Quirky permanent collection shows have become a thing. Pomona College's Benton Museum of Art will try the genre with "Known & Understood: Selections from the Permanent Collection" (Feb. 1 to June 25, 2022). Mixing media and centuries, it's a selection of works chosen by curator Solomon Salim Moore and loosely connected to the theme of how we know what we know. It's likely to be the only group show this year with Sister Mary Corita, Fred Tomaselli, and Hans Burgkmair the Elder. Other artists will include Genevieve Gaignard, Jack Goldstein, Tom Knetchl, and Kiki Smith. 
Genevieve Gaignard, W.W.J.D., 2017

Hans Burgkmair the Elder, Natives with Camel and Elephant, 1508.