CAAM to Curate Shows for Art + Practice

Deborah Roberts, Little man, little man (2020) as installed at The Contemporary Austin. Photo by Colin Doyle

The California African American Museum has announced an agreement to curate exhibitions for Art + Practice over the next five years. First up is "Deborah Roberts: I'm," a traveling show originated by The Contemporary Austin. Robert's mural Little man, little man (2020) will be installed at CAAM. 

In today's New York Times, Jori Finkel profiles CAAM director Cameron Shaw (whose accomplishments include winning $10,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?). Shaw describes the "four pillars" underlying CAAM's programming, one of which is abstraction.


Anonymous said…
That's hardly her (Shaw's) most significant accomplishment.
From the same NYT article:

"Her own trajectory was also marked by periods of working outside organizations, or inventing her own. She grew up in L.A., where her father worked as an architect and her mother helped with his business, while her aunts worked in entertainment. Shaw studied art history at Yale. In New York she left David Zwirner after three years to go out on her own as a writer and editor.

In New Orleans, she and Amanda Brinkman started Pelican Bomb, an arts criticism website that ultimately became an exhibition incubator, too, from 2011 to 2018."
Anonymous said…
... That NYT article is just another example of how the NYT does a better job of covering the LA art world than the LA Times.

The LA Times is a "failing" newspaper.