Gainsborough Loan to Getty

Thomas Gainsborough, Going to Market, Early Morning, 1773. Private collection

The Getty Museum is showing Thomas Gainsborough's Going to Market, Early Morning as a loan from an unidentified collector. The painting is one of three sold by Royal Holloway College, London, in the early 1990s. (Another, Turner's Van Tromp, going about to please his Masters, is now owned by the Getty.) The Gainsborough more recently changed hands for £7.96 million (about $10.3 million) at Sotheby's London in July 2019. Though Gainsborough is best known for portraits, works such as Going to Market were innovative for their focus on British landscape, light, and weather. 

Detail, Going to Market, Early Morning


Anonymous said…
The amount of money flowing into the art market, from contemporary to traditional, is way too stuffed. It's like eating something that tastes good in the beginning, but then eventually causes a lot of gas, bloating and indigestion.

I hate how much of the world of art has now become like the land of Crypto Currency.

"Let them eat cake."
An homage to the Dutchman Philips Wouwerman (1619–1668), the horse painter extraordinaire.
Lovely atmosphere.