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Still another appearance of the mythic Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art.


Anonymous said…
Isn't "Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art" just another way of saying "Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles?"

What's really a stretch, however, is a string of words like "County Museum of Contemporary Art" or a very generic "LA Museum of Art."
We love that place. On par with Museum of Metropolitan Art.
Anonymous said…
^ LOL. Now that you put it that way, a museum isn't necessarily contemporary when it is its art collection that's contemporary.

Although is a museum created around 1979 kind of old or kind of contemporary?

BTW, can artworks be metropolitan?

However, if artworks are from Naples, they can be Neapolitan.

I wonder if there's a Cosmopolitan Museum of Art?

As for "county", that word doesn't sound quite as sleek as "metropolitan" does. But LACMA should have nice draperies.
Anonymous said…
Hilarious. Do journalists know what a county is? Or Google?
Anonymous said…
Given the local arts coverage, is anyone really surprised by the recurring references to the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art?

It's been how many months since Burton was appointed executive director of MOCA? Has the LA Times conducted an interview with her?

... The NY Times has. What does that say about the LA Times? And, what does that say about the local art audience?

If it isn't obvious, Ms. Burton is recruiting new board members and she doesn't think she will find them among readers of the LA Times. I knew she was smart.

Here is the recent article in the NY Times:

Anonymous said…