UC Irvine Museum Adds a Pashgian

Helen Pashgian, S+T, 1984. UCI, Jack & Shanaz Langonn Institute & Museum of California Art

UC Irvine's Langson Institute & Museum of California Art has acquired a poured-resin painting by Helen Pashgian,  S+T (1984). Created from layers of plastic, it hovers between painting, photography, and sculpture. A gift of Huddle Ryland Behrens and Amy Behrens, S+T becomes the sixth work by Pashgian in the IMCA collection.

Also new to the collection are paintings by Edgar Payne, Ed Moses, and Jay Lynn Gomez.

Edgar Payne, Snow in the High Sierras, early 20th century. Donated in memory of Christian A. Gerola
Ed Moses, Wild Trac, 1975. Gift of Richard C. Smith and Patricia Frobes
Jay Lynn Gomez, Sometimes I Daydream of Flying Away, 2019. Gift of Robert Hayden III and Richard Silver


Anonymous said…
Since creative talent can be found in a lot of nooks and crannies of the world, how artists and artworks are curated is very much open to location, social influence and cultural-political power plays.

The UC Irvine Museum is off the beaten path from a lot of that, so what happens there generally tends to stay there.

Further north, in regards to the upcoming Lucas Museum ("narrative," non-abstract, "treacle"), I'm interested in the way it will or won't be affected by the same thing too.

As for people's artistic/creative skills, the Lucas will have a neighbor that represents people's technical/scientific skills.