Animation Museum Gets $2.5 Million

Still from Fantasia, 1940 (Disney)

The 2022-23 California state budget allocates $2.5 million towards a proposed National Animation Museum that supporters hope to locate in Burbank, Glendale, or Pasadena. The funding is a seal of approval that may help convince deeper-pocketed private donors of the project's seriousness.

A new animation museum would compete, to some degree, with the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures (which opened with a Hayao Miyazaki exhibition) and the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, set to open next year. However, animation is not the focus of either, and the Academy Museum doesn't cover TV. The animation museum's proposed location would be near the Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, and Netflix animation studios.


Anonymous said…
I wonder if they tried to get a joint operating agreement with the Lucas Museum? That seems like it would have made the most sense, both technically and financially, than going it alone in another part of town.

As for the Lucas's Yansong building, one of the comments at this website (and I swear not one of them are from me---although some of them look like they could be) mentions how the roof of the Zumthor building will be totally blank. The Yansong design at least features a roof of what appears will be a lot of solar panels and even a few trees and ground covering too.

After visiting the Louvre not long ago, I'm more ambivalent instead of fully irritated about the Zumthor/Govan overpass. It's still inexcusable to me but not quite as much as before. The cost of the building and lack of transparency and accountability of LACMA's director and trustees (and also county supervisors) remain unforgiveable, but something admittedly had to be done with the 1965/1986 campus. But, as the cliche goes, you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.