Cryptomuseology Note

From Hypebeast, the latest sighting of the mythic Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art.


Particularly sloppy given the writer, Shawn Ghassemitari, per LinkedIn, is a trained journalist (B.A. in Journalism, Cal.State Northridge), appears to be from the area, and writes for an arts journal.
Anonymous said…
I notice the website has corrected the mistake.

I personally find myself sometimes mislabeling the Los Angeles County Museum of Art the Zumthor-Govan Overpass. Although the place does need to step up its game and become more like Louvre World or Met Land. Perhaps Peter Zumthor should add a roller coaster to the new building's roof.
Anonymous said…
^^^Perhaps, when you donate your fortune and art collection to LACMA they can step up their game.

Oh wait...
Anonymous said…
^ Actually, we the taxpayers of Los Angeles County are providing funds to LACMA on a yearly basis. Which is perfectly fine and a good thing. But with that there should be proper, fully vetted accounting methods and complete operational transparency.

Govan and Zumthor have been hemming and hawing for the past several years.

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