Troll Dolls, Ja!

In today's snail-mail: LACMA's Scandinavian design show will cover troll dolls.


Anonymous said…
Meanwhile, all the blood, sweat and tears that go into an exhibition that runs at LACMA for only around three months somehow doesn't seem right.

Also, the museum's conservation lab taking up some of the limited space in the already not-large Japanese pavilion must be one reason why Joe Price got annoyed at LACMA's overseers.
Anonymous said…
If LACMA wasn't so dumb, they could've turned the May Company building into a conservation lab or, better yet, penciled it in when creating the new overpass Govan is set on building. Most museums would kill to have the square footage opportunities that LACMA has and instead, LACMA squanders every opportunity.
Anonymous said…
Why not? This is what connoisseurship has become.

All museums are increasingly pandering to people like you, people who are more likely to own a troll doll than a Jonas Wood.

I find the whole thing amusing, mostly because of the pearl-clutching.