Cost to Refurbish Southwest Museum: $100 Million

Southwest Museum entrance. Photo: Michael J. Locke via Wikimedia Commons

Deborah Vankin has an update on the Southwest Museum in the L.A. Times. The Autry now places the cost of refurbishing the Southwest Museum's historic building at $100 million. That's almost double the 2018 estimate of $52 million

In September there was talk of an unnamed party interested in taking over management of the Southwest Museum building for public benefit. Autry President Stephen Aron told Vankin that "one entity" is being vetted but still won't name names. 


When I saw the photo of the museum entrance, which I never laid eyes on before, I immediately thought of Louis Sullivan's famous 1892 Wainwright Tomb at Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis.
Very funeral-looking: