Cryptomuseology Note

 L.A.'s mythic Hauser Wirth & Schimmel Museum surfaces in the newspaper of record.


Harsh a bit?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the NYT snippet you cite is not verbatim. The Times refers to "the Hauser Wirth & Schimmel _gallery_ in Los Angeles." [emphasis mine]
But isn't/wasn't there such a commercial gallery in LA by that very name?

See reference to that venue in the local press:
Anonymous said…
^ There's a commercial art gallery by that name (not far from the Geffen Contemporary building of MOCA), but technically and name-wise it's not a "museum."
This is a screen shot (with my yellow highlighting) from this morning. The NYT has since corrected "Museum" to "gallery."

Most of these goofs involve a New York journalist or copy editor unfamiliar with L.A. museums. But in this case, you'd think they'd know that Hauser & Wirth is a commercial mega-gallery with 4 locations in greater New York and 18 worldwide.

Paul Schimmel was formerly a partner at the L.A. branch.
I apologize for presuming the error was yours and not The Times’s.
Where do they find these people?
The Journal is the same. They did a long bit on Veronese and Venice. They went on and on (rightly) about the extraordinary church San Sebastiano, where dozens of the master's paintings are featured (along with his grave).
But they featured a photo of the Gesuati...the wrong church.
A seminal mistake, one the reviewer should have caught.
Anonymous said…
.. When it comes to covering the LA Art scene, the NY Times does a better job than the LA Times.

Who cares if there was an editing error. It's trivial.

To think of all the things you could mention on your blog --- Hauser & Wirth's reprint of the Duchamp Catalogue, the NY Times somewhat quizzical take on LA artist Jennifer Guidi, or any of the other NYT artist profiles (e.g., the recent article on Henry Taylor who is represented by Hauser & Wirth).
Anonymous said…
The LA Times is based in El Segundo, so it's a South Bay newspaper. Why would they cover territory to their north and east?

Which reminds me, I wonder if the Govan-Zumthor overpass is going to make a part of Wilshire Blvd reminiscent of the Sepulveda Blvd tunnel under one of LAX's runways?

Hey, maybe one of the museum's LA County satellite locations could use the airport's theme building? It used to be a restaurant but has been shuttered for quite awhile. As with Zumthor's structure, lots of windows in the LAX theme building too. Win-win.