Getty to Show Asian Works from LACMA

Maruyama Okyo, Cranes (one of a pair), 1772. LACMA, gift of Camilla Chandler Frost in honor of Robert T. Singer

LACMA is lending five Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean artworks to the Getty. The loans will be on view from Feb. 7 to May 1, 2023, alongside related European works in the Getty Center's permanent collection. The latter is also showing some of LACMA's European paintings on longer-term loan, motivated by the construction of LACMA's Wilshire-straddling permanent collection building. 

Maybe the most spectacular Asian loan is Maruyama Okyo's paired screens of Cranes. Created in 1772, it will be shown next to Tissot's Portrait of Marquise de Miramon, which depicts a similar screen of cranes at lower left. Tissot's portrait was made 8 years after the reopening (at gunpoint) of Japanese trade with the West. This sparked the "Japonisme" movement that embraced not only Tissot but Whistler, Manet, and the Impressionists.

Jacques Joseph Tissot, Portrait of Marquise de Miramon, 1866.  J. Paul Getty Museum


Anonymous said…
I wonder what Camilla Frost, a life trustee of LACMA, thinks about what's going on with things like the Zumthor building? Along with donors similar to Anna Bing Arnold, Frost is one of the original major supporters of the post-Expo Park museum. They were the reliable go-to people for things like that 1772 Okyo folding screen. They weren't flashy donors like a David Geffen or Jerry Perenchio, but they were good stalwarts.

Something had to be done to the Pereira-Holzman-Hardy buildings, of course. But the judgment, honesty and integrity of the current bunch in charge of LACMA does give me pause.
Anonymous said…
What makes David Geffen a "flashy" donor? The fact that he has more money than Frost? Or is "flashy" a euphemism for "gay"?

Seems to me that the current bunch in charge of LACMA has better cultural bonafides than the previous bunch. The previous bunch selected Pereira over van der Rohe. The previous bunch rejected the Arensberg Collection. The previous bunch chased away Norton Simon and his collection. The previous bunch wasn't influential enough to land the Annenberg Collection. The previous bunch selected the now defunct HHPA to design an addition.

When Howard Ahmanson, the primary donor/trustee behind the Pereira buildings died, he did NOT give a significant portion of his wealth to endow LACMA. He left the majority to his son. His son used the money to fund initiatives against same-sex marriage. As a result, in some sense, the name Ahmanson is synonymous with homophobia.

Hence, there's a certain poetic justice in the fact that the "flashy" guy (Geffen) donated $150 million to expunge the memory of the bad judgment, honesty, and integrity of the previous bunch.

--- J. Garcin
Anonymous said…
Are these cranes possibly the most beautiful work LACMA has in their collection? Every time I look at it I’m impressed by so many of the fine details. Right now, I’m captivated by the brilliantly rendered white feathers.
For your viewing pleasure, there's a lovely late-16th century pair of Japanese six-panel folding screens; ink, color, gold, and gold leaf on paper.
Scroll through all the detail pics:
Anonymous said…
> What makes David Geffen a "flashy" donor? The fact that
> he has more money than Frost? Or is "flashy" a euphemism
> for "gay"?

Geffen is a part of the entertainment industry, so he's familiar with lots of flash and cash. Although he isn't as egotistical as he could be, he's also not exactly into "anonymous donor"-type of philanthropy either.

You don't by chance happen to be the "Save the LACMA mob" poster? If you aren't, you sure do tap into his way of expressing himself. I know there's another poster to this blog who's into Maoist-type leftism, which is sort of sickening. Speaking of which, Andy Warhol's portraits of Mao was a homage to the psychopathic nature of the human mind.
Anonymous said…
^^^By any chance, are you the art critic for the MAGA Newsletter or the QAnon Times? If you aren't, you sure do tap into the same obsession with Mao.

See this:

... Dude, not sure how you found this blog. But politically and ideologically, people like you don't have much influence in CA or Los Angeles. Perhaps, you would be better served by finding the AMFA-On-Fire blog and attacking the expansions plans of the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. People might listen to your anti-socialist rhetoric there. Here you stand out like a redneck, hillbilly with one tooth.