Judy Baca to Extend "Great Wall"

Poster from this summer's Baca show at Jeffrey Deitch

Judy Baca and collaborators will paint two new sections of The Great Wall of Los Angeles, as part of a LACMA exhibition on the mural. The additions will then be installed at the mural's site along the Los Angeles River in Valley Glen. "Painting in the River of Angels: Judy Baca and the Great Wall" will be in LACMA's Resnick Pavilion Oct. 26, 2023, to June 2, 2024.

The display follows recent Baca shows at MoLAA, MOCA, the Getty, and Jeffrey Deitch; and the acquisition of the Great Wall archive by the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.


Anonymous said…
I wonder if the panel pictured above is a riff on Van Gogh's Wheatfield with Crows?

--- J. Garcin
To my mind, I'm reminded of his "Sower" (Arles, November, 1888)["of human rights"]: