Prado Is Lending a Velázquez to Norton Simon Museum

Diego Velázquez, Queen Mariana of Austria, 1652-53. Museo del Prado 

A sign at the Norton Simon Museum indicates that the Prado will lend Diego Velázquez's Queen Mariana of Austria to the Pasadena institution next winter. The loan reciprocates for Francisco de Zurbarán's Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose, owned by the NSM and currently on view in Madrid.

The Prado's Queen Marianna of Austria is considered the primary version of three full-length pictures and numerous smaller variants. Though the Spanish museum has 65 paintings by Velázquez and his circle, there are only a handful of Velázquez paintings in American museums, none west of Fort Worth

Norton Simon was underbidder for Velázquez's Juan de Pareja when auctioned in 1970. That of course went to the Metropolitan Museum (for $5.5 million), where it is one of the signature European paintings.

Queen Mariana of Austria will be on view at the NSM Dec. 13, 2024, to March 24, 2025.

Photo by Gerald Sequeira


japecake said…
Minor correction: The Juan de Pareja auction was on November 27, 1970—and, given what the art market has become, it's probably also worth noting that this was the first painting to break the seven-figure barrier (at least publicly).
Re "Velázquez's Juan de Pareja ..., auctioned in 1970, ... went to the Metropolitan Museum (for $5.5 million), where it is one of the signature European paintings.":

Agreed. It is also a signature European painting for all time, everywhere.
Still, the master's finest portrait is of "Innocent X," at Rome's Doria Pamphilj.
[If you want to see it on your next trip, confirm ahead. It spends far too much time on the road.]
... Unlike our "Juan de Pareja". It's restricted. It will never leave the building.
Small mercies.
Meanwhile, Vallayer-­Coster is nearly ready for her close-up...