Getty Curators "F**king Like Rabbits Behind the Paintings"

Check out Sharon Waxman's post on the Getty at the Daily Beast. Critics have faulted Waxman's book Loot: The Battle Over the Stolen Treasures of the Ancient World for not offering an especially coherent take on the antiquities repatriation controversy. But apparently Waxman does dish the dirt. For those who care:

“'It was like Peyton Place,' was how one former employee described it. 'Sodom and Gomorrah' was the phrase used by another. Peggy Garrity, a lawyer who sued the Getty over a client’s sexual harassment claim, put it this way: 'They were fucking like rabbits behind the paintings.'"

"An affair between the associate director of the museum, Deborah Gribbon, and George Goldner, the curator of the drawings department, was notable enough to be mentioned in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by another Getty employee; it led to rising tensions between Goldner and museum director John Walsh, who already shared a mutual dislike.... Goldner, an ambitious cut-up and skilled mimic, would entertain guests at London dinner parties by mocking Walsh’s slow manner of speaking, lying on the table and mimicking his boss to general amusement.... [Goldner] acknowledged that the relationship
'annoyed' John Walsh because the director was 'very fond' of Gribbon himself.”

"Nicholas Turner, 50 and married, began a love affair with his assistant, Kathleen Kibler, in 1996, two years after he arrived at the Getty from the British Museum to be curator of the department of drawings. When he tried to end the affair six months later, Kibler wouldn’t let him. The legal complaint details a lurid series of scenes; she pleaded with him, telling Turner, 'Everyone in the Getty has affairs,' citing Gribbon and Goldner, and she allegedly trapped Turner in his office and 'got on her knees to embrace him.' When none of that worked, she threatened to destroy him and then, he alleged, falsely complained that he was sexually harassing her."


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