Broad Invokes the 2/3 Rule

Eli Broad will pitch his bailout plan to the MOCA Board at today's meeting. More at the Los Angeles Times, which has this eye-opener:

"Broad wondered where an exhibition of MOCA's art would fit in BCAM: there's 'a contract where two-thirds of the building has to be for the Broad collection,' he said. 'We've been loose with them, [but] they know what their obligation is, that two-thirds of the building was to show our collection.'"

As far as I know, this is the first public mention of a 2/3 rule. (How is LACMA getting away with its "Art of Two Germanies" show, which takes over BCAM in January?) It's also the first time, since Broad announced he's building his own museum, that he's confirmed that the Broad collection is to remain on loan to LACMA (whether they want it or not?)
At BCAM's opening, there was a lot of happy talk about LACMA having perpetual dibs on Broad's art. Is Broad really building a new museum to show second-string works from his own foundation? Alternatively, will Broad's new museum show the jewels, with BCAM contractually obligated to show the dross?