Getty Goes 3D

The Getty website has an "augmented reality" feature on the museum's c. 1620 German collector's cabinet. It's an interactive take on 3D that's arguably more compelling than the non-interactive, glasses-required version that has Hollywood agog. You have to print out a .pdf and hold it in front of a computer with a webcam. The print-out is a simple black-and-white silhouette. When you tilt it, the on-screen image rotates as if you were holding the real thing. (The above is a demo and will work without a webcam or print-out.)
The Getty site also has a more conventional interactive feature on the cabinet, which goes on view tomorrow as part of the refurbished galleries of medieval and Renaissance sculpture and decorative arts. Pictures of the new installation look impressive. One surprise is that the British royal collection has lent the long-separated mate to the Getty's Cellini Satyr for the inaugural display.


Donald Frazell said…
It doesn't say how big it is, and not real photos it seems. Is it permanent?
Hope you drop by, like your blog, much better than any others i have seen, especially in LA. I am at Norm Maxwells studio gallery, an illustrator/video friend across from Canter's deli on Fairfax. Opening Saturday nite, but been there for over a week now through mid June.

No two buck chuck, and Coltrane all nite, except a blues guitar player friends new CD and Tricia Tahara's old CD with and Wallace Rhoney and his wife Geri Allen, both will be there.
The Getty Iris seems even more fickle than MoMAs blog, culturemonster seems to appreciate my free writing for them.

Now how about a piece on the Institutional types lack of initiative on Mr Rodias art work? Its a sin, the greatest work of art in the western US, ignored because it is in an "undesirable" neighborhood Shame

art collegia delenda est
Donald Frazell said…
Come by tonight, got real music, not some KCRW nonsense of mediocre, college kid levels of sound.

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