Quote of the Day: Denise Scott Brown

“I don’t know what’s happened in La Jolla. It sounds to me that the people there have got lethargic. It’s not a good sign that nobody said anything. It’s a sign that says ‘We give up.’”

Annabelle Selldorf's $75 million expansion of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego is to eliminate elements of Venturi Scott Brown's 1996 addition, a touchstone of postmodern architecture. Twenty-four-year-old architecture student Izzy Kornblatt started a petition to preserve the Venturi Scott Brown entrance after hearing Selldorf give a talk at Harvard in which "she made fun of the large colonnade that VSB put there." 


Hugh M. Davis, Director Emeritus said…
Inflammatory and irresponsible. La Jollans and, more importantly, San Diegans have spoken in favor of Selldorf’s design in granting permission and permits as well as contributing $75mm to realize this most desired and appropriate expansion. Izzy has never set foot in the building. As Denise Scott Brown is aware, 90% of Venturi Scott Brown’s work remains.

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