Academy Museum Tickets Won't Be Cheap

In case you missed it, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures now has an opening date, Dec. 14, 2020. Still to be announced is the ticket price. The museum will be free to those under 18, thanks to a gift from George Lucas. But adult admission is not likely to be cheap.

For many tourists, the Academy Museum will be competing not only with museums but with wax museums (Madame Tussauds tickets start at $30.95) and theme parks (Disneyland tickets are $104 and up). The Academy has struggled to raise funds for its museum and is likely to be under pressure to monetize it.

The Academy Museum website is already selling annual memberships at $100 a year. In comparison LACMA membership is $80 (v. $25 regular admission) and NHMLA's is $69 (v. $15 admission, with special exhibitions extra). Based on that, it wouldn't be surprising to see regular adult admission hitting or topping $30.


Anonymous said…
The memberships are more expensive than others, but also come with less. I got the invite in the mail and was surprised that for that cost, it doesn't include admission for a guest as well.
Anonymous said…
Projects like this and the upcoming Lucas - along with things like a free MOCA - would be giving a nice new cultural shot in the arm to LA right now if it weren't for the fumblers and bumblers located next door on Wilshire.

Anonymous said…
The guy at LACMA is singlehandedly destroying a major cultural resource of Los Angeles:

Not sure if the article's writer is based in New York. But another person (who I believe once covered architecture for a local newspaper) is based on the East Coast. Why do non-locals have to be the ones alert enough to warn about the follies and corruption of an LA institution? Local politicians sure as hell aren't doing that.
Adrian Chandler said…
Thank you for writting this