LACMA to Reopen Apr. 1

Vera Lutter, Ludovico Mazzanti, The Death of Lucretia, c. 1730: February 10 - March 16, 2017

LACMA has become the first major L.A. museum to announce a re-opening date, Apr. 1 (Mar. 26-30 for a members' preview). Advance timed reservations will be required.

The Getty says it's looking towards a mid-April opening for the Getty Villa, to be followed by the Getty Center. 

Last week the Wende Museum announced a May 1st opening date.

UPDATE: The UCLA Hammer Museum is planning a mid-April opening


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Construction continues at LACMA:

Here's a video of the area from February:
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Michael "Let Them Eat Cake" Govan should try to relocate his trailer far away from LA.

The region is predicted to be hit with a huge earthquake, and the sooner he's safely out of Southern California, the better.

Think of the family, Michael.
650 million to build a smaller museum, with lots of sun-facing glass. Amazing.