LACMA Is Promised a Trove of Indigenous Americana

Unknown maker (Pomo), Basket, late 19th or 20th century. Reiter Family collection, promised to LACMA

Last week LACMA's Unframed blog reported the promised gift of 109 Native American pieces from the Reiter family. It sounds like this would be an important expansion for LACMA, which has few Indigenous North American works, aside from a 24-ft.-wide Tlingit house screen bought in 2017. The promised gift consists of 82 ceramic works from the Southwest, 19th century to contemporary and including well-documented artists; plus Pomo feather baskets, Northwestern wood carvings, and a few ancient Mesoamerican pieces. 

At top is a Pomo basket; below is a bowl by We'wha, a non-binary Zuni potter. 

We'wha, Bowl, late 19th century


Anonymous said…
More artworks to be placed in storage! Looking forward to seeing these works in an 3-month exhibition 30 years from now.
Anonymous said…
The way LACMA is being managed, they may have to sell some of those objects in order to keep the budget balanced and the doors open.

On second thought, nah.

"Let them eat cake."