LACMA Confirms Zumthor Building Will Be Gray

Rendering of Peter Zumthor's David Geffen Galleries in gray

I've received confirmation from LACMA's acting media liaison Susan Clarke that the museum "has chosen to change the color" of Peter Zumthor's David Geffen Galleries "to a natural light gray concrete color… as this hue would be more consistent with the surrounding buildings on both ends of Hancock Park and the LACMA campus itself. The light gray is also a much better backdrop for the art."

The building had previously been envisioned as a light, earthy tan (and before that, black). A February 2022 amendment to the Zumthor building's Environmental Impact Report requested the change to gray, as reported last week.


Anonymous said…
Probably would be better if they chose the color red, since that will better reflect the museum's budget over the next several years, decades.

By the way, the Ahmanson Foundation donated mainly junk to LACMA.
Anonymous said…
^^^Just think if you had a $150 million and/or a significant art collection, you could have influenced what got built.

... The way I see it you have only yourself to blame. If you weren't such a loser, you could have outbid David Geffen for the naming rights and restored the Pereiria buildings --- tacky colonnade, fountains and all.
Anonymous said…
Kind of surprised this is being brought to everyone's attention now. Images of a grey building has been posted since 2020 at least.
Anonymous said…
I don't agree that the grey is better for the art. The tan interior would have been a good backdrop for the art, and also made the spaces seem more spacious.
Anonymous said…
Yep, the Ahmanson Foundation helped purchase total junk, like that crappy de la Tour. Pure trash. Maybe that’s why it’s hanging in the trashy Wynn Casino in Macao.

And who hasn’t often admired “natural gray” in nature? Sure does beat “warm earthy tones” any sunny day! Complements the blue sky and green trees!
Anonymous said…
Geffen better donate way more money in order to make up for the money pit that the Govan/Zumthor concrete overpass is going to be.

However, LACMA, as a Hollywood-airhead museum, will be ideal for cell-phone selfies.