LACMA Baby Jesus Looks Like Mark Zuckerberg

Dressing Image of the Virgin of Mercy or "Pilgrim of Quito," Quito, about 1700–1750. LACMA. Photo by @Arix_Ki

The infant Jesus in an 18th-century Ecuadorean sculpture at LACMA has gone viral for its resemblance to Mark Zuckerberg. Twitter user @Arix_Ki, identified as a product designer at Riot Games, noted the similarity to the Facebook/Meta billionaire and posted a photo on Aug. 14.

The polychrome wood sculpture is a small replica of Quito's Virgin of Mercy or Pilgrim of Quito.  LACMA acquired the statuette earlier this year, and it's being shown for the first time in "Archive of the World: Art and Imagination in Spanish America, 1500–1800."

Detail of Zuckerberg/Jesus. Photo by @Arix_Ki
Unidentified medieval ivory: "baby Jesus that looks like Mark Zuckerberg"
This isn't the first retconned holy likeness of Zuckerberg. Three years ago a less convincing "baby Jesus that looks like Mark Zuckerberg"—an unidentified medieval ivory—was posted on Reddit.
Joachim Bosse, Jesus Zuckerberg, c. 2016
In 2016 Berlin artist Joachim Bosse displayed a statue of Zuckerberg crucified on the Facebook logo. Bosse tried to sell it to Zuckerberg or Kanye West, apparently without luck, but the work was later issued as a small-scale multiple.
Detail, Jesus Zuckerberg


Anonymous said…
LOL. The Ecuadorean "Mark" looks a bit more like the guy than the Medieval version does.

Zuckerberg has somewhat of a baby face and the Quito sculpture of an infant has somewhat of an adult face.
The Quito baby Jesus appears to be eunuchated. I wonder if the real Zuckerberg is as well.
Anonymous said…
^ Quite seriously, for some physiological reason, certain people born during the last 70 years, such as the two Kennedy children, Caroline and John Jr, have gone past puberty and retained a somewhat teenage-face look. Why that is, who knows? Perhaps the DNA of a handful of people born after a lot of radiation was released in the 1940s, 1950s, etc, has been affected?

Contrast with a person like Elizabeth Taylor, born during the first half of the 20th century. She looked like quite an adult even by her late teens, early 20s. Same thing with Caroline Kennedy's mother. When she gave a broadcast tour of the White House, she was in her early 30s. Videos of her at the time show a very mature, serious-minded person. At that same age, her daughter in 1988 had a face more like that of a member of a Girls Scout troop.

The celebrity Carrie Fisher (of Star Wars fame) had a bit more of that youthful-face quirk too, similar to Mark Zuckerberg's. But drugs and too much partying (and bad facelifts) by the time she reached her 50s sure did a number on her.

Extended immaturity, however, hasn't ramped up just when it comes to people's looks. It has increased in other things too, such as culturally. Look at the way the new AMPAS museum on Wilshire has been thrown together.
Best Baby Geek said…
This one looks same to same as mark. I can't stop laughing