A Viking Revival Throne for LACMA

Lars Kinsarvik, Armchair, about 1910. LACMA, gift of Bruce Newman through the 2022 Decorative Arts and Design Acquisitions Committee. Photo by Jacques P├ępion, courtesy of Oscar Graf Gallery

LACMA's Unframed blog introduces this year's Decorative Arts and Design Acquisitions Committee gifts, including this "Viking Revival" chair in the so-called dragon style by Lars Kinsarvik (1846-1925).


Type of wood(s)?
Beautiful piece, by the way. Very Book of Kells coloration.
Anonymous said…
When I first read the headline, I thought LACMA had purchased an actual throne from the Viking era ... but this is actually pretty nice too. I can't wait to see it on display.
Ted: Two Kinsarvik chairs in the Victoria & Albert Museum are described as carved and painted pine.

Anonymous said…
I've long admired the period rooms of the Met or, less so (because the scale is much more modest), the Getty Museum. That's because I've never liked seeing decorative arts displayed as though they're in a home furnishings store.

As one example, I believe certain major galleries of decorative arts in Boston's Fine Arts Museum are arranged that way.

Although the Viking chair shows skill and creative talent in its own right, something about objects listed as decorative art work better for me when they're in full context.

Of course, LACMA's new galleries will have so many windows, that a collection of fine draperies (both fabric and wood) through the ages might now be needed. The Met has a collection of military armor, no reason that LACMA can't have a collection of decorative draperies.