Academy Museum Had 700K Visitors in First Year

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures reported more than 700,000 visitors in its first year, through Sep. It's hard to put that in context because of the pandemic. The figure tops 2021 head counts for LACMA (621,000) and the Getty Center (508,000). Those statistics are earlier in the pandemic and include periods of closure. 

Before COVID, the Broad reported over 820,000 visitors in its inaugural year (2015–2016).


Can that figure possibly be correct? A 2021 total head count for the Getty Center of only 508,000? That's a daily average of less than 1,400 visitors.
Anonymous said…
^ Unlike Louvre World in Orlando, France and Metland in NYC, Anaheim, the major museums of LA don't attract theme-park-sized crowds.

However, Louvre World would be even better if a roller coaster were added to IM Pei's pyramid and a boat ride were added to Metland's Koch Plaza fountains.

Quite seriously, Louvre World to me was so excessive (or overbearing), it was like being in a room with a woman who thinks because a little perfume smells good, being drenched in it will be even better.
Ted: All L.A. museums were closed through June 2021, and most took several months to reopen fully. These figures are much less than pre-pandemic numbers.
Ah, I see the truth of it. Thx.
Just dropped: Rau Antiques in New Orleans is offering Jacob Lawrence's "Makeup" of 1952, Signed (lower right), Tempera on board.
If CA museums are trying to buoy their collections of Black masters, this should impress.
Slightly south of USD 5 million.