A Gold Emperor Is Coming to Getty Villa

"Gold Emperor from Aventicum," Musée romains d'Avenches, Switzerland
The Getty Villa has arranged a loan of the Gold Emperor from Aventicum, a portrait of Marcus Aurelius.  Hammered from 3-1/2 pounds of gold, the philosopher-king's likeness was discovered in ancient water pipes under Avenches, Switzerland, in 1939. The bust will go on view at the Villa May 31, 2023 to Jan. 29, 2024.


Anonymous said…
One note- I believe it is May not March
Thanks for the correction, have just fixed!
I would have loved to know the bust's dimensions. I went to the website for the Musée romains d'Avenches. Nada. Evidently there's no Swiss word for museology.
There's an old photo on-line that appears to show the work is roughly 12" high and 12" wide.
Very impressive.
bronco mmxv said…
Height: 33.54 cm
Width: 29.54 cm
Weight: 1.589 kg

from: Bronze et or: Visages de Marc Aurèle (Geneva: Association Hellas et Roma, 1996), p. 122

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