Panoramas at Forest Lawn

Sara Velas painting Panorama of the Valley of the Smokes, 2000

The Velaslavasay Panorama and the Forest Lawn Museum rank among the more recherch√© of L.A.'s para-museum spaces. They are collaborating for an exhibition, "Grand Views: The Immersive World of Panoramas," opening May 13, 2023, at Forest Lawn, Glendale. It will include a rare showing of the Panorama of the Valley of the Smokes by artist and Velaslavasay founder Sara Velas. 


I never heard of these venues.
The picture showing the artist working is cool. Her blouse reminds me of Jasper Johns's crosshatched pictures. See info on his Usuyuki:
Anonymous said…
The Velaslavasay Panorama? What the hell is that? lol. Jeez, that's the epitome of "recherché."

I only know that its location in the Adams/Normandy (or North University Park) area is somewhat to the south and east of where the wealthier in LA started setting up shop over 90 years ago. Then things like the 1965 Watts Riots, construction of freeways and changing demographics did a conventional urban-American number on the area. It has been in indefinite slumber or decline ever since then. That's one reason why I'm interested in what the Lucas Museum and tenacious USC a few miles to the south might do (or has been doing) to that part of the city. There's also the space shuttle Endeavour - to the east of the Lucas - being prepared for formal display.
Anonymous said…
I had this vague sense I somehow know who Velas and her organization was. Good for her:

South Central LA (now known simply as "Southern LA," assuming that includes Adams/Normandy too), however, is nothing compared with this. People driven by creative skill and inspiration, scientific curiosity, athletic ability, etc, always impress me: