Betye Saar Installation Opens Nov. 11

Betye Saar in bamboo grove at Huntington, 2023. Photo: Sarah M. Golonka. The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens 

The Huntington has announced further details on Betye Saar's Drifting Toward Twilight, a room-size installation opening Nov. 11, 2023, in the Virginia Steele Scott Galleries of American Art. Commissioned by the Huntington, the piece incorporates a 17-foot canoe, birdcages, antlers, children's chairs, and other found items in a "cocoon-like environment." An adjacent gallery will run a short documentary film on the artist and the work's creation. A related publication, planned for summer 2024, will include a contribution by Ishmael Reed.

"Betye Saar: Drifting Toward Twilight" is to remain on view for two years and will become part of the Huntington collection. Yinshi Lerma-Tan and Sóla Saar Agustsson (the artist's granddaughter) curated.