Boldface Names Put LACMA Campaign Over the Top

LACMA patron Paris Hilton with artist Krista Kim. Photo: Stefanie Keenan for LACMA. Artwork (c) Krista Kim

LACMA's Michael Govan says the institution has "reached and exceeded" its goal of $750 million for the Peter Zumthor-designed David Geffen Galleries. 

Some of the more surprising names on the donor list:

Qatar Museums (in the "$10,000,000 and above" category). Besides buying a lot of expensive art, Qatar also made an unspecified monetary gift to the Metropolitan Museum's Islamic galleries last year.

Mellody Hobson and George Lucas, who are starting their own museum crosstown ("$10,000,000 and above").

Steven and Alexandra Cohen, who are apparently starting their own museum in Connecticut ("$5,000,000 and above").

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum ("$5,000,000 and above"). The heiress and ur-reality star established LACMA's first fund for buying NFTs by women artists.

The Winkelvoss twins, Cameron and Tyler, noted plaintiffs and crypto bros (each in the "$1,000,000 and above" tier).

Frankenthaler Climate Initiative of the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation ("Under $1,000,000") At one point the Zumthor building was to have solar panels.

Not on the list, unless they're anonymous: Brad Pitt and Diane Keaton, who talked County supervisors into kicking in $117.5 million of taxpayer money.

In 2021 the Winkelvoss twins invested in a company planning to bring back the woolly mammoth from DNA samples


Goodgood. Now commission a work to decorate the ceiling of the Wilshire underpass. Make LACMA duly famous.
Anonymous said…
The following (see: video) was to be expected. The museum's bridge over Wilshire Blvd will be reminiscent of the overpass (but shorter) above Olive St north of 4th St in downtown LA, the one not too far from MOCA and the Broad. LACMA had better keep the area under their bridge somewhat tidy since certain freeway overpasses above various streets in LA have become homeless encampments full of graffiti and litter.

The 1965/1986 buildings were plagued with circulation weaknesses and awkward spaces. They were like a tract house that had seen through the decades a series of modest-budget rec-room and patio additions. But the Govan/Zumthor building comes with its own set of creaking moving parts. And not just ones of reduced size and narrower flexibility (windows galore!), but various other pitfalls too. However (and no sarcasm either), the building will be ideal in the era of TikTok and Instagram.

2024 (and, for the Lucas, 2025) should be very interesting.
Anonymous said…
^^^Blah, blah, blah, freeway overpass. Blah, blah, blah, TikTok and Instagram.

This guy has GZDS --- Govan/Zumthor Derangement Syndrome.

Anonymous said…
^^^^^ LOL. You must be the anti-"Save the LACMA/MAGA Mob" guy.

BTW, I admit that the Govan/Zumthor bldg is really more of a blob than a freeway overpass. Although the portion directly over Wilshire Blvd does evoke a freeway overpass, reminiscent of the 405 further west above another section of Wilshire Blvd. Now one of LA's major boulevards will have two concrete overpasses. Win-win!

Also, attention spans in the age of TikTok, Instagram and AI, etc, are growing shorter and shorter, so having a museum where a lot of artworks will be dressed up as floor-to-ceiling windows (and looking out over things like traffic---similar to standing on a freeway overpass!) should offer visitors more selfie moments.
Anonymous said…
^^^What happened to the Save-LACMA mob?

To think they held a fake competition to design LACMA. What losers.

Fake design competition, fake electors, how MAGA...
Anonymous said…
^^^^^ Hey, I think they were San-Francisco-ized to death.

BTW, the cultural scene in LA over the past 30 years has generally advanced while Baghdad by the Bay has sort of stagnated. Even worse, San Francisco has now become a wonderful bastion of bad news. LA, however, is fast catching up. Thanks for all that you do!
Anonymous said…
^^^For the MAGA or SAVE-LACMA mob, everything is in decline.

LA is NOT catching up.

In the words of Michael Maltzan, "San Francisco is a utopia gone wrong and Los Angeles is a dystopia gone right."

He said this years ago. It is even more true today.

Of course, you MAGA mobsters have never heard of Maltzan. You are just a bunch of rubes who like to pretend as if you are the keepers of the true culture.
I don't know. Getty and Broad have made LA "go-to." Norton Simon is a world treasure.
LACMA reborn may yet prove its worth, but it needs to publish. When did the last LACMA show yield a substantive contribution to the literature?
What good is a museum that doesn't educate?
Anonymous said…
> In the words of Michael Maltzan, "San Francisco is a
> utopia gone wrong and Los Angeles is a dystopia gone right."

Now in 2023, SF is a dystopia becoming even more of a dystopia, and LA is returning to its "bleech" roots.

BTW, the ghost of Mao Tse-tung is looking for a few people like you (rubes, Luddites and otherwise) to newly enact and newly enforce his Cultural Revolution. This time on the other side of the Pacific.
Where is the cipher? I do not understand one word.

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