LACMA by Drone

Peter Zumthor, David Geffen Galleries under construction. Hunter Kerhart Architectural Photography

Urbanize LA has a set of drone's eye views of Peter Zumthor's David Geffen Galleries by Hunter Kerhart Architectural Photography. 


Anonymous said…
Less square footage, decreased gallery space, floor-to-ceiling windows to display sensitive works and more concrete in a concrete-ridden city: this design will rank as one of the biggest missed architectural opportunities in America. But hey at least Michael Govan's resume will look good!
So, as an outsider, let me get this. Are the 3 white buildings with the bifold roofs part of the old campus? If yes, do they stay, and for what purpose?
And Michael Heizer’s "Levitated Mass," one of the finest pieces of public art in America: How does that fit in?
Anonymous said…
^ If you're referring to the buildings at the top of the photo, they're the Broad and Resnick galleries. They right now represent just about all the display areas in LACMA. The balance is housed in the building to the center right, the one that looks like two triangles. That's the gallery for Japanese art, funded by Joe Price. He has had a rocky relationship with LACMA and its director, and that to me is less surprising now.

As for the disparate ("tract house") nature of LACMA, that was noted when the William-Pereira buildings (3 separate structures) were constructed in 1965. The Zumthor format continues that. But now LACMA's campus will be even more fragmented.

I still think a more skilled architect (and a better museum director) would have handled that issue with more finesse.

Also, if the new building at least had more square footage that would help. If the new building at least weren't so expensive that would help too. Finally, if the new building at least didn't have so many walls that will be floor-to-ceiling windows, that would also help---it also wouldn't further exacerbate the problem of reduced exhibit space.

I'm admittedly more curious (if not optimistic) about how the new building performs once it's completed. But TikTok/Instagram dynamics generally don't make for exactly the most serious of connoisseurship. And Govan's love of flash and au-courant further reduces that---ie, his embrace of a constantly rotating, deconstructed, themed permanent collection and too much of the museum in general becoming like another "been there, done that" gallery of contemporary art.
Anonymous said…
^^^Ugh, get this guy. He's concerned about serious connoisseurship.

He's also concerned about the floor-to-ceiling windows. Tell us you don't own great art without telling us.

Great art looks better in sidelight. I know. I own great art (i.e, Jonas Wood, Alex DaCorte, Opie, etc.)

One protects the art by picking houses with particular features --- walls angled in a certain direction. One protects the art by putting film on the windows. The guy who put film on my windows also put film on Ovitz's windows.

LACMA was designed with almost all of those architecture features. The sun-protection layer will be embedded in the glass.

... Only a rube would think that there is no "finesse" in what Zumthor and Govan are doing here. SMH
Anonymous said…
"I own great art (i.e, Jonas Wood, Alex DaCorte, Opie, etc.)"

Um ... you really don't
Anonymous said…
> Great art looks better in sidelight.

That's why floor-to-ceiling windows should be installed at the Louvre, Metropolitan, National Gallery (on both sides of the Atlantic), Art Institute, Museum of Fine Arts, etc, etc, etc. What's taking so long? Get cracking!
Luce said…
Concrete walls, blast-proof overpass on Wilshire, floor to ceiling windows with curtains to protect the art... and what? - watch the traffic below. We are supposed to politely wait and see at this point but once they were committed to building over Wilshire there was no turning back.
Anonymous said…
The works of Jonas Wood, Alex Da Corte, and Opie are highly coveted.
It's not just the high prices; it's the curatorial support.
Da Corte is even getting commercial support. See his recent ad campaign for Prada.

... So much ignorance on this blog.

Damn, is everyone in LA this stupid?