Dia:Beacon for a Day

For today only, LACMA is displaying Walter De Maria's 2000 Sculpture in the new Resnick Pavilion (which otherwise doesn't open until October). The single work runs the length of Renzo Piano's new building. The De Maria is on loan from the Walter A. Betchler Foundation, Switzerland. As usual, admission is free from 5 to 8.
In its bare state, the building's interior evokes Michael Govan's old home of Dia:Beacon (which also has a Robert Irwin garden outside of it). It's tough to judge whether any of that effect will remain once it's installed with exhibition walls. The light seems more subdued than in the top floor of the Broad building (probably because of the dark floor and absence of white interior walls).
The installation has a brief label for the De Maria and a much bigger one for Lynda and Stewart Resnick. The Resnick label gives a shout-out to numerous Resnick brands, from Wonderful Pistachios to Fiji Water to Cuties.


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