Change of Address

Next Monday, August 23, Los Angeles County Museum on Fire is moving to ArtInfo. Aside from a design refresh and some heftier servers, nothing will be changing. LACM on Fire will continue to offer a unique perspective on Los Angeles art and institutions, now in the company of blogs by Tyler Green, Jason Edward Kaufman, Homa Nasab, and Andrew Russeth. ArtInfo will host the complete archives as well as all new posts. Check here for further details. The new address is Once the link is active, all you'll have to do is click and change your bookmarks.


Donald Frazell said…
Congratulations, hope you get some more $$$ out of it. You are one of the few i bother to read, my boys at Hungry Hyaena and ArtNewsBlog on hiatus now.
dining table said…
That is good spot. I know that you will get more cash in that place. There are lots of people who love art in that place. You choose the perfect spot for your shop.
Mitchelle Adams said…
Goodluck :) Hope business keeps going good for your company :)

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