LACMA Lends 6 Sculptures to South Coast Botanic Garden

Nancy Graves, Trace, 1981. Photo: Chuck Bennett
LACMA has lent six contemporary sculptures to South Coast Botanic Garden, Palos Verdes Peninsula, for the next ten years. They include Nancy Graves' Trace (1981) and Peter Voulkos' Firestone (1965), plus works by Reuben Nakian, Mark di Suvero, George Rickey, and Richard Artschwager. The installation opens today.

Titled "Hide and Seek: Art Meets Nature," the display is not a conventional sculpture garden. The six sculptures are scattered over the garden's 87 acres (hence "Hide and Seek").
Peter Voulkos, Firestone, 1965 (as installed in LACMA's sculpture garden)
The Graves and Voulkos had been on view in LACMA's sculpture garden (soon to be a construction site). Some of the other works haven't been shown recently or at all. The 10-year loan extends well past the projected 2024 opening of the Peter Zumthor building.

I don't know whether that qualifies SCBG as a LACMA "satellite," but in this case it's easy to follow the logic. LACMA has more outdoor-scaled contemporary sculptures than it can show on its campus. With the exception of Urban Light, the outdoor sculptures tend to get bypassed anyway. SCBG provides a different kind of experience, a museum without walls where visitors might be inclined to spend more than 15 seconds with a single artwork.
Mark di Suvero, Teha, 1971. Photo: Chuck Bennett
Richard Artschwager, One on One, 1989. Photo: Chuck Bennett


Anonymous said…
As with the loans to the Getty, the ones to South Coast garden also should be made permanent. LACMA, for all intents and purposes, has been destroyed.

There are a lot of nice cities and countries to retire to for directors of wrecked institutions, museums or otherwise.

Start planning now, Mr LACMA director! A lot of places that are way nicer than LA. Locations that will be ideal for someone like you. Bye-bye, thanks for your years of effort.
Anonymous said…
"What Govan retained from examining the proposal was that “the encyclopedic museum” was dead, and that LACMA’s new home, no matter who designed it, should reflect this fact."

Get him out of here, pretty please, ASAP, pronto.